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Indie Rock (Sydney, NSW)

Melding together extroverted artistry with introspective tones, TOMMY GUN is the embodiment of Sydney’s coastal beaches. And if you believe in auras, his is honeyed gold. For those craving summer nostalgia, this band is the sun setting on the horizon, signalling the start of the show - and what a show it will be!

Having toured the country fronting coastal crusaders The Kava Kings and
also alongside Nathan Cavaleri, TOMMY GUN now leads a five-piece band
to pure indie glory.

TOMMY GUN slingshots straight to the main stage of the Australian music scene. His last single played on Triple J's Home and Hosed and both of his recent film clips granted a spot on ABC’s Rage. TOMMY GUN continues his successful run revealing his fourth single “Make It Home” from his upcoming album. The big and full sound of this band rings true to their loved sound of slinky guitar hooks unwinding earworms of pop sensibilities, and familiar vocals capturing the wild with heart opening croons.

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