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Indie Rock (Perth, WA)

Fueling an unstoppable rise through the Perth music scene, Sophian has been a wonder to follow with their genre-defying sound and infectious stage presence. Since their conception in early 2022 they created an immediate splash in the scene, from supporting artists like Coterie, Bootleg Rascal, Mitch Santiago, Dulcie and Dear Sunday to joining DICE and South Summit on their National Tours. With 6 singles released and celebrated in the past 2 years, each track has been a testament to their talent, hard work and quick success with consecutive sold out headline shows. 

Their most prestigious moment to date included ‘Head Above Water’ receiving a 2023 WAM Song of the Year nomination, showcasing their ability to craft emotive, resonant melodies. While their latest single ‘Beautiful Day’ was their grandest statement yet, earning premieres and ‘Track of the Day’ honors on Triple J, affirming their prominent rise cannot be prevented.

Led by the great Sophian Manik, a singer whose emotive range embodies the finesse of Jeff Buckley and the raw passion reminiscent of a young Caleb Followill, while his passion for the industry catapulted the band into early success. The eclectic frontman anchors the band alongside the talents of Julia Krsanac on Bass, Tyler Vivian on Drums and Michael Madafferi on Guitar, forming a cohesive unit that excitedly explores the intersection of Indie-Rock and Pop. These highly talented artists collide a range of influences from Coldplay to Kings of Leon and local friends and inspiration, Spacey Jane.

Notably, they've inked a global publishing agreement with Perfect Pitch Publishing, underscoring their artistry's global appeal and potential. As they prepare for their inaugural Australian tour in 2024, including a performance at Nannup Music Festival and a nomination for the Festival's ‘Emerging Artists’ Award, Sophian stands at the precipice of an exhilarating musical journey, poised to captivate audiences nationwide with their impassioned performances and infectious melodies.


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