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Indie Folk Rock (Central Coast, NSW)

Australian folk-rock song birds Little Quirks produce an unforgettable explosive energy, that  transports their audiences into a smile inducing state. With an all female front and youthful love for performing, a fresh unbridled joy emanates in every performance.

Fronted by talented sisters Abbey and Mia and their cousin Jaymi,
Little Quirks are a family band that blend acoustic instruments with pounding beats. Their natural ability to produce mesmerising
harmonies is a key ingredient to their unique Little Quirks sound.

Little Quirks have successfully travelled both nationally and internationally for the last 3 years. They are signed to both ABC Music and Internationally to New York based Glassnote Records. Some proud  achievements were showcasing at Big Sound, 2019, SXSW Texas,  The Great Escape Brighton 2022.

After successful adventures in 2023,  Little Quirks performed at festivals across Europe, UK and finished with a support tour throughout Canada with The Teskey Brothers. They have released 2 EPS and are currently working on their release of their debut album.

The band is in dynamite form and ready to bring their infectious vibes to-any event. The Little Quirks experience leaves their audiences uplifted and wanting more. Catch them before the word gets out.

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